Mar 182014

After a long hiatus I think it’s time to update the app and start releasing again. Expect a new version to hit the market soon!

Oct 232012

Hello android users, I have uploaded a new version to the android market. Please give it a try and let me know how you like it!

New screenshot.

I’ve also made a lot of little tweaks based on feedback received so far, like increasing the number of tiles you can enter to 10. With 10 letters and up to five board tiles the app will find words up to 15 letters long!

Jan 022012

When I released the faster, leaner, lighter version of unScrambler for Android in late November of 2011 I was really excited to see how users would react to the new features. While I expected that users would be pleased with what I had added, I didn’t expect that people would instead miss what I had to take out:

Heather on December 4, 2011 (Samsung Galaxy S with version 1.1.00)
1/5 stars
Was good until update

That app was great until they updated it today. Now it’s awful. They took away where you,can plug in tiles from the board. Don’t bother with this now.

Wow. Heather’s words really stung, but she has a point. I didn’t have time to get the new engine working with the old constraint system so I took the easy way out and disabled the constraint system. And now Heather calls me on it.

Heather, you will be happy to learn that I have taken your words to heart and re-implemented your beloved Board Pattern Search feature in the latest version. Download it today, and let me know if i missed any features :)

Jan 022012

Advertising provides a way to get a small return on the time invested in developing an application but lets face it – Ads are annoying. As a developer you don’t want to annoy your users, so when we made unScrambler for Android we allowed users to turn off ads through the preferences menu. There wasn’t much on the web explaining how to do this, so here’s what we came up with.

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Dec 042011

There was a big update this weekend as a new version of unScrambler for android was released on the Android Market. This version has a totally new structure that makes it smaller, faster, and smarter than before. Unfortunately the new structure is not yet compatible with the constraint system so that feature has been disconnected temporarily while we re-wire that part of the code.

The new version includes blank tile searches! You can search for any number of blank tiles. Just press ‘space’ to enter a blank tile. Viola! Be prepared for a lot of results if you include blanks in your search. Blank tile letters are shown with blue letters in the results so that you can tell them apart.

Expect another update soon, as we expect to have the new constraint system in place in a few days. In the meantime send us an email and let us know what you think!

Nov 132011

After a summer hiatus, we’re back at work on improving unScrambler for android. One of the major optimizations we’re looking at is switching from a database-backed model to one that uses a Directed Acyclic Word Graph – or a DAWG for short.

DAWGs are fast – about 4 times as fast as our current backend it seems. They are also a lot smaller than a database, this time by a factor of about ten. That means a smaller footprint and faster results, but at the cost of some up front loading times. We’re looking into ways to mitigate the load times and with any luck you’ll see the faster, lighter unScrambler soon in the Android Market.

To learn more about DAWGs visit this page

Jun 122011

Thanks to everyone who has tried out unScrambler for Android!


We have already passed the ONE THOUSAND download mark and with any luck we’ll keep on climbing.

UPDATE: We have surpassed now ten thousand downloads!

If you haven’t downloaded it for your android phone yet, what are you waiting for? It’s free!